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One of the most important questions you will have to ask yourself is should you have an indoor or outdoor wedding.  Whether you have been dreaming of a beautiful garden wedding intimately nestled beneath the trees or an elegantly quaint and ornately decorated chapel, you should first take a look at the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor weddings to see which option will be the host of your perfect day.


Outdoor weddings have always been a very popular choice for weddings.  Outdoor weddings are incredibly picturesque, provide tons of natural light and can create a very intimate feel.  Here are some pros and cons of an outdoor wedding.

PRO: Scenic Backdrop

There is no denying that outdoor weddings have amazing photo opportunities.  The lush gardens, the sun setting in the background as you say “I do.”  Outdoor weddings make for some of the most beautiful weddings.

CON: Weather

You knew this would be coming.  Unfortunately there is no way (that I know of) to control the weather.  Sometimes even predicting the weather is a challenge.  How many times have you seen the weatherman get it wrong?  If you plan for an outdoor wedding you need to plan for a back up incase it rains.  Also keep in mind that wind, cold and hot temperatures can be an issue as well.

PRO: Family Friendly

Having an outdoor wedding will allow for outdoor family fun.  This is a great time to incorporate some lawn games and make your wedding super memorable!

CON: Bugs

This is Texas.  We have bugs in Texas.  Mosquitos and other annoying pests can make your guests feel uncomfortable.  Be sure to take precautions so that these little guys do not crash your big day!

Indoor or outdoor wedding


If you like to be in control of your situation and do not like surprises, maybe an indoor wedding is more your speed.  Indoor wedding venues allow you to be in the driver’s seat.  From weather to design, you are in control.

PRO: Design Opportunities

With an indoor venue, you are able to design it however you like, using only your colors and adding your own personal touch.  Look for a wedding venue that gives you a “blank canvas” to really be able to get the look you are going for.

CON: Décor Costs

With an outdoor venue, you get natural greenery and landscape to fill in as décor.  With an indoor venue however, you have to supply all of the décor yourself.  Depending on where you go, décor can be quite expensive.  Look for a wedding venue that offers in-house décor rentals at an affordable rate.  Renting décor is much better and much more affordable than buying décor since you will most likely only use it once.

PRO: Weather Proof

The most obvious pro of an indoor wedding venue is that you you will not have to worry if the weather man gets it right or not.  Rain or shine, your wedding can go on at an indoor wedding venue.

Don’t Settle, Get Both Indoor and Outdoor

indoor or outdoor wedding

indoor or outdoor wedding

At Bella Woods Wedding and Event Center’s Woods Site, you can get the best of both worlds.

The Woods Site features Chandler Chapel, a quaint chapel for up to 200 guests that showcases elements from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Colors will beam in through antique stained glass to light up your big day.  Large windows line the chapel giving your indoor experience the beauty and feel of an outdoor wedding.  Chandler Chapel provides you with a “blank canvas” so you can add your own personal touch and colors to get the exact look you want!

Intimately nestled beneath the trees, couples opting for an outdoor wedding under a canopy of branches will discover an all natural beauty.  The trees not only make for an intimate feel they also provide plenty of shade on those hot Texas days.

Receptions at the Woods site will be held in the Taylor Barn, which meshes its rustic elegance with the woodsy feel of 100 year-old barn wood in seamless harmony.  This barn can be converted from an all indoor reception to a combination of indoor and outdoor with 4 large bay doors that open up to give you a seamless indoor/outdoor feel.

The benefit of choosing the Woods Site at Bella Woods Wedding and Event Center is that you get the entire site for the entire day as part of your wedding package.  The Woods Site is as weather proof as it gets, as you will not have to cancel your outdoor wedding due to weather.  We can just simply move your wedding indoors to the beautiful Chandler Chapel at a moments notice at no additional cost.  Bella Woods also has an extensive in-house décor collection available for rent.

Whatever your flavor, we have it here at Bella Woods Wedding and Event Center!

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