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First and foremost, congrats on being recently engaged!  Great times are ahead.  In the mean time, lets help you close the gap between now and your wedding day!

1. Relax, Get Your Nails Did! – There will come a time in the wedding planning process where you will need to get down to the hard decisions of who, what, when, where and how… This ain’t it!  You just agreed to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, ENJOY IT!  Go treat yourself to a manicure and chill!

2. Tell The Folks! – DO NOT POST ANYTHING UNTIL YOU CALL THE FAMILY!  Allow your mom the satisfaction of screaming your ear off in a fit of joy while you break the great news in person!

3. Facebook Official! – Now.  Now you can post your little heart out!  Tell the world of your engagement with a subtle relationship status update and your favorite shot of your beautiful ring. (and gorgeous manicure – you’re welcome)  Because you know what they say, “Its not official until its Facebook official”

4. Get Your Ring Resized! – Assuming you are like everyone else on the planet, you will want to show off that rock on your finger!  Lets make sure we don’t lose it in the process!  Nothing spells disaster like a lost engagement ring.  While you’re at it, make sure you get it insured!

5. Capture Every Moment! – Don’t let the chaos of wedding prep go to waste.  Capture the moments with pictures and video, then share your experience with friends and family at the wedding!

6. Get Some Help! – The wedding planning process can be long and stressful if you try and do everything all by yourself!  This is where a good Maid of Honor and Best Man comes in.  They can help relieve the load that comes along with planning a wedding.




7. Have Fun And Dream Big! – This is YOUR wedding.  Do it how you want to do it.  Gather up some ideas.  Check out Pinterest and create your own board.  Go window shopping.  Whatever you want to do to inspire creativity and personality for your very special day is ok!  Don’t stress! Have Fun!

8. Talk Money! – Ok so this is where things start getting serious.  Planning a budget for your wedding is very important.  You can go about this any number of ways. Whether you have been saving for the wedding of your dreams, your family is helping you out, or you plan to create a fund raiser page, you need to know how much money is available and where it is coming from.  You want to make your budget as detailed as possible so that you don’t end up overspending! But even through this part of the wedding planning process, DON’T FREAK OUT! (See step 7)


9. Pick The Perfect Wedding Location! – Now that you have a budget you can start looking for the perfect wedding venue and location.  You should look for a wedding venue that is not only appealing to the eye but that also cares as much about your perfect day as you do!  Avoid wedding mills that pump out several weddings a day in the same location.  These types of venues will rush you throughout the entire process and cause lots of unwanted stress.  Instead look for a wedding venue that offers you the entire day on location.  This will allow you to take your time and get everything just right before you say “I do.”

For more info on Wedding Venues Click Here

10. Save The Date! – Once you find the perfect wedding venue and have locked in the wedding date you want, share it!  Have your list of people you want to invite and let them know when your perfect day will be, allowing enough time for them to be able to take off from work and make travel arrangements.

11. Lock In Those Vendors! – Professionals like bands/D.J.s, and photographers can get booked up fast.  Make sure you secure the vendors you want as soon as you can so that they are available on your desired date!

12. Go Dress Shopping! – Finally! The dress! Now that everything else is out of the way, go try on as many dresses as you want.  Make it a girls outing with your Maid of Honor and Brides Maids.  Enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures.  This should be a fun experience so don’t over think it!  You are beautiful!




13. RELAX! – I cannot stress this enough!  Enjoy the ride! This is a great time in your life, have fun!

Thanks for reading, We hope this information was helpful.  Please tell us about your wedding planning experience by leaving a comment below.  If you feel like this helped you or if you want to make a suggestion please feel free to let us know by commenting!  Thanks!



By: Daniel Reyes
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